Word printing and literacy development

Word printing and literacy development and  is an approach to language teaching developed in Dutch education. It combines story telling, writing, drawing, and reading in a natural way. Departing from personal experiences and the commitment of all those involved, it helps children and adults to use language as a tool for self-expression, thinking, and learning. Literacy development enables people to express themselves and learn language in an easy and natural way.

Wordprinting can also be combined with literacy development. It offers simple printing techniques to reproduce and design texts in an imaginative way. Making texts suitable for circulation reinforces their communicative value and increases their status.

You learn language by using language. In this literacy development approach grammar, spelling, sentence building, and literary understanding are integrated in a natural way. The result of this process are self-made books with stories. This pedagogical method can be used in any group, from pre-school children to people of old age.

KringStichting Taalvorming is a Dutch information and training centre specialised in this way of working. We operate with a team of experienced consultants and trainers. We work in primary and secondary schools and in adult education in the Netherlands but also in Belgium, Mali and Palestine. We are also involved in community projects that want to stimulate communication between different (etnic) groups of people in the neigbourhood.

DramaWe offer coaching and training to teachers, school directors and educational advisors which is always tuned to the needs and wishes of the school of team we work with. In short-term training sessions teachers and children are introduced to the literacy development approach.

We offer long-term coaching, usually at the request of schools in socially disadvantaged areas. Most of these schools regard Literacy Development as an indispensable supplement to the traditional methods of language teaching. Some have abolished the traditional methods all together and focus entirely on texts written by children in literacy development classes.

We do workshops and training courses for teachers and children, we develop programs to introduce Literacy Development in curricula, we support local organisations who want to introduce Literacy Development in their work; We write about the approach and make exhibitions.